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Pocket Pickup Lines

July 4, 2011 at 6:53 pm | featured | No comment


Ever get into a situation where you needed a good pick up line but couldn’t think of one?

Well, now you can with this app!!

Cool Features!
+ Multiple categories to choose from!
+ Like and Dislike buttons to show your appreciation (or lack thereof)!
+ Post your favorite Pickup Lines to your Facebook wall.
+ “Create your own!” so you can share a good pick up line with the rest of the world!
+ Send feedback to the developer.


Current Version: 1.04

Release: Android 2.2+

Download Version 1.04 on the Android Market:


Current Version: 1.1

Release: iPhone 3+, iPod Touch 3+, iPad 1+

Download Version 1.1 on the Apple App Store:


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