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Pocket Mechanic

July 2, 2011 at 2:52 pm | featured | No comment


Pocket Mechanic is simple and easy to use application that notifies you your car needs attention.

+ Add as many cars as you want.

+ Use Google maps to view local mechanics (More detailed views planned in the future).

+ Receive notifications when maintenance is required.

+ Detailed view that displays how far along each component of your car is in the maintenance cycle.

+ Edit any car to keep it up to date (Auto increment planned for the next release so you don’t have to update the mileage every day).


Pocket Mechanic runs in the background and checks once a day if any attention is needed. By only checking once a day, this keeps the usage on the CPU to almost nothing and does put a strain on the batter at all. If you wish to turn off this feature you may do so under settings when you first start up the application.


Pocket Mechanic uses Google Maps to show you local mechanics. Access to your network and GPS is needed in order to provide you with this service. No personal information is stored or sent by Barrage Software. Your Location is sent to Google’s servers but no other information.

Upcoming features:

+ Auto increment mileage.

+ More features for viewing local mechanics.

+ More settings

+ More customizations

+ Upgraded graphics
We at Barrage Software are committed to delivering you quality software and will continue to bring updates for Pocket Mechanic for as long as is necessary.

Current Version: v1.01

Release: Android 2.2+

Download Version 1.01 on the Android Market or Amazon App Store:


Pocket Mechanic for Android Images


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